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    close up palm trees during windy tropical storm over dramatic sky in Florida

    Photo by: Sadik Demiroz

    Sadik Demiroz

    2 Storms, 1 Coastline, Hurricane Season Continues

    By: Leah Weber

    Topical Depression Marco and Tropical Storm Laura started out on a smilar path, but as the days progress so do the storms.

    August 25, 2020

    Will Laura be re-categorized as a Hurricane when it makes landfall? Why Did Marco lose his steam when he made landfall Monday? Big storms always leave us with big questions.

    Tropical Depression Marco made landfall on Monday, August 24, and it was milder than expected. The relief that comes from a potential hurricane downgrading to a tropical storm, let alone a tropical depression could not be celebrated, as Laura was looming close by.

    Tropical Storm Laura passed over Cuba and is now bound for the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. On Tuesday, August 25, the storm could be categorized as a hurricane as it makes landfall.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) will stay on top of this storm, as well as all other weather impacting the US.

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